15 Most Haunted Forests In The World

15 Most Haunted Forests In The World 100M is the #1 place for all your heart warming stories about amazing people that will inspire you everyday. Make sure to subscribe and never miss a single video! #viral #amazing #100M #animals 15 Most Haunted Forests In The World Forests have long been seen as places of mystery and enchantment. Many believe that within a forests dark depths lie indescribable creatures and phenomenon that can only be described as paranormal. Whether there is truth in any of these, I’m not sure, but any of them will make for excellent campfire stories. From a forest said to be a hotspot for ghost and aliens, to one that is haunted by an evil curse, here are 15 of the most haunted forests ion the world. Number 15. Freetown-Fall River State Forest The Freetown State Forest sits right smack in the "Bridgewater Triangle," an area in southeastern Massachusetts that is just teeming with paranormal activity. The place ticks all the boxes of the paranormal checklist; roaming specters, UFO encounters, and even Bigfoot sightings. Many believe that the forest's haunted history dates back to colonial times, when the first settlers purchased the land from the Wampanoag Tribe. This purchase is said to have been the act that cursed the area, which has since been used for satanic rituals, murders in the 1970s and 80s, and recently, poltergeist activity and floating fireball sightings. Number 14. Devil’s Tramping Ground Deep in the North Carolina woods, 50 miles south of Greensborough, lies a mysterious circle bereft of any plant nor tree. Not even animals would dare cross its path. The reason Well, according to legend, this 40-foot clearing is where the devil comes to stomp and dance every night The area has built up quite the eerie reputation over the decades, with people claiming to see red eyes glowing there at night. They also say that if you place your belongings in the middle of the clearing at night, you’ll find them thrown back out the next day. Number 13. Dow Hill Forest The Dow Hill Victoria Boys’ School, located in the West Bengal town of Kurseong, is known as one of the most haunted places in India. Here, locals claim to hear footsteps echoing through the halls when the school is closed from December to March. But the forest surrounding the school is said to be even more haunted. The forest is rumored to be the site of several murders, and the apparition of a headless boy wandering among the trees and along the path between the school and forest, appropriately named “Death Road." Number 12. Dering Woods More commonly known as the Screaming Woods, visitors of the place report hearing blood-curdling screams coming from the forest's depths at night as well as footsteps and whispers especially on foggy days. According to legend, the screams are those of a highwayman who was captured and killed by villagers in the 18th century, and his ghosts holds a grudge to this day. Others believe the hauntings are the result of a 1948 massacre of 20 people which happened the day after Halloween. Even stranger, locals reported seeing flashing lights coming from the woods on Halloween before the bodies were found. Number 11. Epping Forest More of a graveyard than forest, Epping Forest’s size and density made it the perfect criminal hideout and burial spot for bodies. Notorious highwayman Dick Turpin used it as a hiding place in the 1700s, and starting in the 1960s, more than a dozen dead bodies have been found there. Today, the forest has a reputation spooky sounds and ghostly apparitions. Including that of Turpin himself. Some people also say that if you drive to Hangman's Hill and park in neutral, your car unexplainably roll uphill. Even if you don't believe in the myths, just the appearance of the woods will surely send a chill up your spine. The pollarded trees haven't been cut since the late 1800s, giving them an eerie overgrown look that you won't find anywhere else. Number 10. Cameron Park Waco's Cameron Park has several paranormal hotspots, including Jacob's Ladder, a treacherous set of stairs haunted by a particularly touchy ghost who grabs onto people’s clothes to pull them down. But perhaps the most well-known site is the Witch's Castle, a set of crumbling ruins found deep in the park. According to one of the many stories surrounding the "castle", the ruins are the remains of the house of a woman suspected of witchcraft in the late 1800s. Waco residents blamed the woman for a series of disappearances in the surrounding woods, so they burned down her house while she was still inside. Some people claim to see the witch's figure wandering through Cameron Park today, even chasing down some unlucky visitors.

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